About Us

Easy Access

Bergen Point Community Church is located at the south end Bayonne Township, which is close to Jersey City and Manhattan. The church is situated in a quiet residential area and next to a Middle School. Light Rail is within walking distance. From Jersey City, one can get there via a leisurely Sunday drive along Route 440, exiting right before the entrance to the Bayonne Bridge. For additional information contact the church office: 201-339-1163.

What We Believe In

We are a community church, historically a union of members from different denominations: American Baptist, United Methodist, and Reformed Church of America (RCA).

The church founders stated: "The purpose of this union is to provide for the worship of Almighty God and instruction in the Christian religion by a United Congregation, and to enable these four churches to become a greater moral and spiritual force in the community, and greater influence for the interdenominational harmony in the entire city."

Our Beliefs

The church is a Protestant Christian fellowship of multiple denominations. We are a community church because we welcome all in the community and guests who wish to attend our services, and one can join the church as a non-denominational Christian. Many of our current members come from diverse Protestant and Roman Catholic backgrounds. Communion is open to all who believe that Jesus Christ is their Savior.

We believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and the Holy Bible guides us in our faith and daily Christian living. We welcome all who already believe so, and those who want to join us in such beliefs. Based on Jesus' teachings, we celebrate diversity and ecumenical spirit. Our Service of Worship provides a warm and friendly atmosphere where individuals feel at home, regardless of one's background, church membership, or denominational affiliation.

Our Church Founders

We acknowledge our church founders:

Julio Barrier, Herbert Filsinger, Harold Kawalek, Jesse Nunn Sr., George T. Smith, James Spratt, Mabel Hornlein, Hulda Inwright, Quentin Kovacsy, Stella Martin, Ann Szyskowski, Reynold Weeks, Harry Allan, Olive F. Donovan, Leonard Harris, Katherine Pansey, Jane Smith, Karl Stocker, and Mildred Weller.