Welcome to Bergen Point Community Church!

We are a Protestant Christian community church that celebrates diversity and welcomes all, regardless of background and denomination.

The Bergen Point Community Church historically united the members of nearby congregations from the American Baptist, United Methodist, and Reformed Church of America. Current members include those from other denominations and Catholic backgrounds.

We continue in the legacy of our founders who envisioned the church to become a moral and spiritual influence, and to promote interdenominational harmony in the community.

We are located in a quiet residential neighborhood in the southern part of Bayonne, NJ. Everyone is welcome to worship at Bergen Point Community Church on Sundays at 11 A.M. B.P.C.C. is located at 68 West Fifth Street. For further information please visit www.bpcchurch.org or leave a message at (201) 339-1163 or email b.p.c.church@gmail.com.

Upcoming Events: 

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Sunday services are suspended until further notice.  Please check our Facebook page for virtual Sunday services (under videos): 


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Stay safe and God bless!





In the midst of our darkness and ignorance, the bright light of God's love shines through, healing our anguished souls.  Rejoice, beloved of God, for God's love and forgiveness are given to you this day.  AMEN.